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Cylindrical helical gear
Time:2020.09.17 Source: Taizhou Gearing Machinery Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Gear is a kind of common parts often used in mechanical transmission. The gear is made of high-quality high-strength alloy steel, and its surface is carburized and hardened. It has strong bearing capacity and durability. In practical application, cylindrical helical gear is widely used in high-speed and heavy-duty occasions because of its smooth transmission, low impact, vibration and noise.

    cylindrical helical gears are not entirely helical gears. It should be said that helical gears are the meshing mode of two helical gears, which are distinguished by their different directions of transmitting force in space. Ordinary spur gears are meshed along the tooth width at the same time, resulting in impact vibration noise and unstable transmission. Helical cylindrical gear transmission is better than straight gear transmission, and can close the center distance for high speed and heavy load. Helical gear reducer is a novel helical gear reducer. With the advanced design concept of ^ - optimization and modular combination system, it has the advantages of small volume, light weight, large transmission torque, stable starting and fine transmission ratio. It can be connected arbitrarily and installed in various positions according to the requirements of users.

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